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The problem I have is my partner is blind and therefore it’s me watching out for the twins and for him.

I feel frustrated at the situation as his ex-partner doesn’t do anything to help and if I don’t do the run to get them then he doesn’t see his kids – am I the bad guy? Lucy says: It sounds like you are trying really hard to help the relationship as best you can with the time and energy you have. His parents or a friend or does your partner have anyone they are close to that could perhaps drive him through to see his kids? It is admirable that you are trying to do everything, however, even though those around you need support, if you burn out you will be no help to them.

Yet, many would argue the same can also be said for one’s educational and professional information. As I created profile after profile, it became apparent just how many deal-breakers potential matches were up against.

On the one hand, this approach helps narrow down options and requires individuals to be forthright about all they have to offer.

It might be time to admit that you can’t do everything and ask for help. Leave your comments below or tweet us @eharmonyuk The advice offered in this column is intended for informational purposes only.

Or ask you partner to offer you some leniency when it comes to your routine. If you require professional, psychological or medical assistance, please consult with a trained and qualified specialist.

In the modern day society, women hold key positions in leading global organizations.

Matrimonial websites, such , helped trim biodata to a few basic categories for users to create an attractive online profile.

Not surprisingly, an individual’s age, height, complexion, religion, ethnicity, education, and occupation are among the most common categories. I created profiles for a total of 10 apps, all marketed towards or largely used by South Asians.

Rather than list individually what each app offers, my observations below are aggregated in order to demonstrate overall trends.

It seems like you perhaps need to come up with a routine that suits you both, to reaffirm your relationship.

Without it, the worry that the life you are living together is not gelling can seem more prominent than ever before.

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It sounds like you need a bit of respite to recoup your energy.

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