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Men are able to listen to greetings and receive private messages from hot and horny women, but they cannot reply or make a call until signing up for a package or paying the usual rate.

This seems unfair, but this is a certain way of ensuring there are plenty of active females within the network. Over two decades later and the service is still going strong and is just as vibrant as always, especially in the city of Atlanta!

At first, we were astonished and slightly taken aback by the friskiness of the conversation here, and the freaky nature of the members that participate.

Finding your new sweetheart couldn’t be easier, it’s just a phone call away!

So, women can talk as much as they want, whenever they want. We certainly enjoyed ourselves on the chatline and we will be back for more! Next, you can record a greeting which lets you introduce yourself to others – again free of charge.

Whereas the men can only listen to greetings and receive private messages before having to cough up. There are LOTS of single Hispanic men and women in Atlanta looking for a telephone chat, a new friendship or perhaps even a long-term relationship. When you’re all set up it’s time to dive straight into the action.

Phone chat is always completely free for women, which is a little unfair on the men. You dial the number to set yourself up, after which you will receive a voice mailbox number and pass code – totally free of charge.

But this is perhaps a vehicle to ensure there are plenty of active females within the network – which is never a bad thing! This lets you send and receive voice messages with Axxesschat members.

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