Arma 2 updating version 1 00 to version 1 05

I would be honored that someone finds this useful enough to link to it so please, be my guest. I added a slightly modified version of Squidget's EXCELLENT "Fast 90" manual targeting method.

I feel it is payback for the MANY people who have helped me in this, and other simulations over the long years... I also added a section on manual plotting from a Dead Stop as well as over tweaks and reorganizations.

As posted by wazoo at the Subsim Forum Here's my attempt at giving something back to the Sub Sim Community who have all been so helpful assisting me in my new hobby! If you any comments, questions or corrections, please let me know. I draw the first observation line just fine, but when I go to start the second observation line the tool automatically "grabs" the start point for the first line I drew and doesn't start a second line from the first observation point (my boat). Asus GTX680 2Gb OCZ Agility 240Gb SSDOCZ Agility 60Gb SSD Cache disc. TM Warthog HOTASTM Cougar MFD's Saitek Pedals Track IR 5Logitech Z-5500 Surround.

This is also the first web page I've ever done, so be gentle on my feeble web talents. and then Y needs an explanation of Z and then the whole thing spins out of control. Does this sound familiar or am I doing something WAAAAYYY wrong?

With this new chip, software creators had greater than ever computing speed and flexibility with which to create new faster AI and Automated Systems.

Soon the complexity of the code which the zero chip could run began to out pace its human coders ability to understand, so they had to build into its subsystems auto-coding mechanisms to take full advantage of the hardware's amazing instant computing capabilities.

They still think they can undo the link and free humanity through experiments on those surviving clones still being born from the remaining vats of the machine. Repair Vehicle: Stand close and fire at the vehicle to cause your vehicle to be repaired.

Revive Player: Did your friend die and you want him back in the action?

Path to Arma 3 is generally "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\" ## [] - 2019-03-28 ### Added - Upgradeable Plot Poles (S/M/L/XL/XXL) with different Range / Limits - - On entering temp Vehicles, Payers will get a hint "Vehicle will despawn after restart" - 2nd Variant of a lockable Safe "Gun Safe_EPOCH" - - License Plates of Vehicles can now be changed by Dyna-Menu (Space-Menu) - - Put Krypto to ground (within Inventory) - ### Fixed - Prevent Traders from spawning on containers - Advanced Vehicle Repair was not working as expected within custom "Safe Zones" - Reset Toxic after revive - Delay for accurate position on swap building while basebuilding ### Changed ### Server Owners - Configs for upgradeable Plot Poles are located in ("Cfg Epochclient" "Cfg Jammers") - Fixed BE-Kicks in DLC Shop - Another login stuck fix (Loadabs-Check) - Added possibility the usage of "Krypto" as needed material for building upgrades - Example Cfg Base Building: - upgrade Building[] = ; - Fixed Ban for "command Menu - Rsc Menu Engage" - New var "Auto Lock Storages" in to auto-lock storages on server start - Added optional safe variant with less Load than the normal Safe "Item Safe_s" Started by two mysterious brothers (their names since lost to history) in 2013 the Epoch Corporation started as a software development and services company.Try to survive, build, or explore your way through the harsh dynamic environment.Features Manual Install Instructions: Open your Arma 3 root directory and remove any @Epoch folders.In only a few short years the Zero Chip had completely re-designed itself and needed constant hardware upgrades to increase its memory and speed, only a few human scientists could even understand what the system was doing most of the time, the code was indecipherable by its human creators, with the corporation spending millions on upgrades and teams of genius's to study its inner workings.The chip solved many of humanities oldest problems - hunger, war, were quickly becoming things of the past. Corporate Executives concerned that the machine might make a world ending decision on its own began attempting to shut-down the machine to no avail, it now lived on the internet, every computer in the world was part of it every human body now contained its nano's and were in constant communication with the cloud by the time humans realized it, it was too late it was unstoppable.

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It created implants to treat all manner of human diseases, nano devices that allowed for physical augmentation of all basic human systems, sight, hearing, touch. By 2035 the system had outgrown the earth and using its nano's and automated systems created a giant computer cloud in space to further expand its search for the knowledge of the universe.

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