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The manager of Crystal Asian Massage also operates Orchid Asian Spa, which planned to open on Otterbein Ave. Orchid Asian Spa was issued an eviction notice February 5 by its property owner, according to city officials.

“Crystal Asian Massage and other businesses alleged to not be operating within the boundaries of all applicable laws and regulations are and have been on our radar," said Chandler in a press release.

Licensed Therapists Relieved Relaxation massage parlors and others who operate without a state license might be upset, but those already licensed say the new law adds a layer of credibility.

Licensed massage therapist Laura Palovich-Binder runs Water For The Soul Massage Therapy and Wellness Center.

Community concerns were on full display at a city council meeting the next week, where more than 100 residents showed up in support of new restrictions on the massage industry.

So beginning February 16, massage therapists in Westerville are required to hold a license from the State Medical Board of Ohio.

April Zobel owns In the Bag Massage in Westerville, a small medical massage therapy clinic in a nondescript office park.

A few chairs and a flat-screen television greet visitors who enter the lobby.

“And while I understand the thinking behind that, it’s not a long-term solution.” The changes come after the February 2 police raid and closure of Crystal Asian Massage on Main Street, which some residents worried was a front for prostitution or human trafficking.Licensed therapists make up a majority of the industry, at least in Westerville.City officials say there are more than 20 “totally legitimate establishments,” and just three that are raising questions.Right now, three of Zobel's 17 massage practioners are unlicensed. They can only perform what's called relaxation massage, not medical massage.The technicians earn less than licensed massage therapists while they gain experience and clientele in the massage industry.

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