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He played James T Kirk for the move Star Trek Film series, he was Will Colson in the Unstoppable, he was Cinderella’s Prince of Into the Woods and he was Toby Howard of Hell or High Water. According to his biography, he was born in the city of Los Angeles. His father was an actor and he co-starred CHIPs where he played like Sergeant Joseph Getraer and the mother was an actress but decided to be a psychotherapist afterwards. The maternal grandmother, called Anne Gwynne, was the Hollywood actress and the maternal grandfather Max M Gilford was attorney and he was elected to be president for Hollywood Bar Association.The maternal grandfather was a Russian Jewish family. He became an exchange student to the University of Leads in the city of England in just one year.This is the same year that he also appeared in The Guardian and then in CSI: Miami.In the year 2004, he appeared in the movie called why Germany.This is a short film and then he was in Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.He was in the part of the Nicholas Devereaux and he was the Love Interest of Anne Hathaway, who was the leading character.For his, education, Chris Pine graduated in University of California, in the city of Berkeley in the year 2002. When he graduated, he went to Williamson Theater Festival and then he went to American Conservatory Theater of San Francisco.

Here's a good site to keep up: Seems like he typically starts dating one actress or another when he's between shoots, but he's somewhat committed to remaining single, most likely in order to keep his female fans fantasizing. Though in glee he is dating Blaine at his school, who is also gay.

Anne has two brothers; his older brother named Michael and a younger one named Thomas.

if yes, then her real name is Anne Jacqueline Hathaway and she was named after William Shakespeare's wife.

The princess of Genovia could soon be back to reclaim her throne.

Gary Marshall — the director of The Princess Diaries and its sequel The Princess Diaries: Royal Engagement— spoke to People about an upcoming threequel.

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