An error occurred while setup was updating partition

In addition to en-US in Arabic, the fallback language can also be French (fr-FR) and in Chinese, it can also be Hong Kong Chinese Taiwan (zh-TW).OK, out next step is to tell Windows Setup the language for the install media.Note that this will take some time, on my ancient Asus i5 laptop it takes around 15 minutes, on a bit younger HP laptop almost 10 minutes.If using WADK / WSIM Insider Preview, notice that a minor bug might cause you seeing this: The catalog file was created, whatever the error message says.To create a catalog file, copy file from a valid Windows 10 install media to hard disk or a USB flash drive (catalog file cannot be created from write protected WIM file).Select File New Answer File, Click Yes and browse to the file: To start creating a new catalog file, click Yes: WSIM will now create a catalog file.

Right click Microsoft-Windows-International-Core-Win PE, add it to configuration Pass 1 Windows PE: Next, expand Microsoft-Windows-Setup on Windows Image pane.Right-click Create Partitions, then select Insert New Create Partition: Repeat this step to create four partitions for GPT / UEFI install media or two partitions for MBR / BIOS install media. To tell Windows Setup what each partition is and how it should be setup and formatted, we must add Modify Partition to each partition added above.Right click Modify Partitions in the Answer File pane and select Insert New Modify Partition: Repeat this step until you have one Modify Partition for each Create Partition.Add component Disk Configuration to Pass 1 by right clicking Disk Configuration and selecting Add Setting to Pass 1, expand Image Install OSImage component and add Install To to Pass 1, add User Data domponent to Pass 1: The Answer File pane at top middle should now look like this when all components have been expanded: Let’s first add Windows UI (display) language, installation language and keyboard layout.Select Microsoft-Windows-International-Core-Win PE on Answer File pane, edit properties as preferred on Properties pane top right.

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) WSIM is part of Windows 10 ADK (Assesment and Deployment Kit).

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