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Name: Aasha Age: 24 Mobile number: 8971088636 Location: Mumbai Status: Single Country: India Interested In: Friendship Mobile Company: Airtel.Let me introduce you to Shiverna Servai, an eighteen (18) year old beautiful girl in Chennai.

It’s the dream of most guys around the world to date Indian girls, because of the perception that all Indian girls are beautiful.

They’re always happy to provide their boyfriend with the love they deserved.

One thing is certain, I will be removing the numbers of India girls who have gotten enough friends, seen their heart throb through this page, and I will be adding another list of girls numbers looking for connections.

You can also checkout the best – Short Instagram Captions For You (Over 130 Captions) Today on this article (Which I will be updating more often), I will be sharing with you, list of girls in India who are eager for friendship.

I will be sharing with you, Indian girls Whatsapp numbers which you can use to connect with real Indian girls.

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Shiverna Servai is from Chennai and is a Tamil Girl. Shiverna is a very Beautiful, smart, attractive and confident girl. Any guy who is interested in becoming friends with Shiverna can use the number below to connect with her.

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  1. She still lived with her parents, was just starting a community college, did immature crap all the time, worked as a waitress, and had her mom do her laundry for her. Her ideals and outlook on life were very limited due to her lack of experience.