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If they feel like they always have to be this tough guy around you too, he’ll be very unhappy.So while you still have to boost his alpha ego, you also want to show him it’s okay to not be this super put together, in-charge person.Here are a few things for you to remember if you’re dating an alpha male. A lot of people think they should go for someone who’s like them. The problem here is that your personalities are going to clash.If you’re dominant and in charge and they’re also trying to be in charge, you’ll butt heads.You’ll both also get frustrated by feeling like your partner is trying to boss you around. On the flip side, you also don’t want to be a very weak personality type. You can’t be a pushover when dating an alpha male because they’ll literally run the entire relationship. You’ll be really unhappy this way because your opinions and ideas will just get lost beneath the alpha male’s.If you have a very strong alpha personality, don’t try to date an alpha male. Plus, he won’t really like that either because stomping all over you won’t make him feel like he’s in charge.Let him break down while also still treating him like an alpha at the same time.

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He’ll see you as really fun and like a person he can do a lot of interesting things with last minute.

Both of those are attractive qualities for an alpha male.

If something he did bothered you, wait until you’re alone and just say so. He wants you to talk to him about some deeper topics.

If he has to guess what he’s done because you seem cranky at him, he’ll get irritated. Bring up some controversial news, ask what he thinks about it, and have a real, deep discussion about those things. [Read: 30 deep questions to ask someone before you get in too far] #10 Don’t let them intimidate you. Dating an alpha male can be a little scary simply because they do carry themselves with so much dominance. If you do, you’ll end up looking like a sheepish person and that’s something alpha men don’t particularly like.

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It’ll just feel like you don’t have any backbone, which isn’t attractive. Some alpha males are known for being bad boyfriends and partners.

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