Air force rules on dating

Just started dating an army officer-turned-law-student and not sure what to make of things.

He's definitely very different from all my civilian boyfriends, so I wanted to get some anonymous opinions.

He was very into Church which was a deal breaker for me. We are responsible for the creation, execution and maintenance of all commercial contracts for officially licensed Air Force merchandise.Additionally, we handle all personal questions from service members, their families, educational institutions, civic leaders and anyone else interested in using Air Force marks on a project. Use the link below to visit the Air Force Bands page, where you can search, stream and even download music performed by Air Force bands dating back to 1965.My husband is a civilian and he's in very much the same position.Encourage her to make more civilian friends, help her sign up for group art lessons or anything else she's interested in, she can meet people there that she has a lot in common with.

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