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Like other cavity nesting birds, screech owl eggs are plain white.(The eggs of birds that nest in cavities do not need to be camouflaged like the eggs of open nesters.) Incubation During incubation, the female applies a bare patch on her underside to each egg in turn to keep them at the necessary temperature for development.The winter roosting period is typically between October to March, and the nesting period from March to June.During the fall of 2011 we discovered an Eastern Screech owl roosting in one of the nest boxes we had put up.Young Screech Owl Development Brooding females take a 10 to 30 minute break from their duties usually twice a nightonce around dusk and once around dawn.Such breaks are a good time for the female to preen, defecate, stretch her wings, and interact with the male.When the owl roosts in the morning it will sit at the opening of the owl box for 1/2 to 1 hour before going in to roost for the day.Before the owl leaves the owl box at night it will sit at the opening for 1/2 to 1 hour before leaving.

Welcome to the Eastern Screech Owl Research Project The purpose of this site is to study the Eastern Screech Owl behaviors during the winter roosting and spring nesting periods.After the third egg, longer intervals take place between laying, sometimes greater than the two day interval.Four eggs is the average for a clutch, but clutches of five and six are not unusual.While the female watches over and incubates the eggs, the male hunts the area and faithfully delivers prey.It takes 29 to 31 days on average for the eggs to hatch, so most screech owl broods are hatching as the leaves are unfolding on the trees in late April.

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We quickly installed a webcam into the box to watch the owl.

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