Adult dating in wood south dakota

I walk straight back to my room and find HOMEWRECKER half naked on top of my son’s dad…

Just know if you’re messing with him he’s probably cheating on someone LOL he’s a druggie, a cheater, he bounces from female to female and can’t even give his daughters a good male role model. He has serious issues with his health and yet drinks and snorts drugs and won’t properly care for himself. I also assume she doesn’t care about her own family. She’s the type of female who gives other females a bad name Taylor Davis-Bohr has not only tried to break up my family that I made, but come to find out she has broken up families to get with the male of the house at least twice before.

Chelsea Taylor Jahn sleeps with everyone she works with whether they are in a relationship or not, she prefers it if they are because that gives her the freedom to F*** other people too.

She rubs it in their faces and leaves sl**ty comments on their social media.

She claims she’s a bad b**** and no one can’t f with her well, I kicked your a** that night and you ain’t as bad as you think you are.

She got mad, and wrote my sister in law the next day October 4th all guilty saying “I’m making up stuff I’m being a delusional childish weirdo for blasting you on Facebook you didn’t do this or that”, and had her friends adding me.

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We would talk about how we would be together forever, and how her and i would take on the world together. Then i saw that she was still talking to the guy that “raped” her.

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