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Born in White River on January 18, 1928 to Bill and Helen Valburg; Bill along with his twin sister Darline and brother Dale spent their childhood years raised in Mellette County, S. The family ranch was located 12 miles southwest of White River.

While growing up, Valburg’s father provided for their family by working in several trade work jobs.

Family friend and local pilot Harold Louder agreed to fly Valburg’s father down to the sale where he purchased 100 head of black angus, the very first of their kind to enter Jones County.

After being fully impressed with the convenience of flying, Bill told his son that if he would learn how to fly, he would buy a plane!

Valburg reminisced the weekly trips that his family would make to town to sell their milk and cream at the cream station in White River.

If you ever needed to see someone from the Mellette county area, Saturday was your best chance!

The family ranch consisted of 40 acres of crop ground that was cultivated with a team of work horses.

Though it may look a little differently now, the original house is still home to Valburg to this very day.

After the family move, Valburg continued school at White River High School and graduated in the class of 1947.

After the family settled into their new place Valburg’s father decided it was time to expand his herd.

A large livestock sale was scheduled to be held in Nebraska and the easiest way to get there was to fly.

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Valburg attended the Kneville school, a small country school two miles from the family ranch for two grades and the following six years he attended Ring Thunder country school.

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