Acdsee pro 3 thumbnail not updating

At the top of the File List pane, click View | Toggle Overlay Mode to control the visibility and color.

Toggle through the available modes with this ] key.

To tag a thumbnail, click this: The turquoise Ouija board planchette means that your file has been geotagged.

To investigate, left-click it to open the Map pane.

It appears if your file has ACDSee metadata stored in the ACDSee database, but it hasn’t been written to the file yet. For the former, right-click the thumbnail and select Embed ACDsee Metadata.

For the latter, right-click the thumbnail and select Clear Embed Pending Flag.

This gets rid of the icon, but doesn’t write the metadata to the file.

The orange square with a checkmark represents a file that has been tagged.If you’ve been cruising around ACDSee/ACDSee Pro, you’ve definitely come in contact with the File List pane.You know, that place in the middle of Manage mode with all of the thumbnails of the images in the folder you’re currently viewing?It doesn’t do much else, but if you left-click it, you’ll get a display of the file information, image attributes, and EXIF metadata summary on the File tab of the Properties pane.You can also get to this by left-clicking on the Embed Pending icon.

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This purple rotate symbol appears if the file has been automatically rotated.

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