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Valencia said the event served to reinforce a respect for history and an understanding of the sacrifices made by soldiers. “Families, especially those with children are especially grateful for our efforts.” Those attending got a chance to learn about each aspect of the war as they walked through the event – communication, weaponry, transportation, clothing.

“Each presentation adds a bit more understanding of WWII as a whole,” Valencia said.

City Hall will be closed Monday and there will be no Department of Public Works services. Tree branches and bushes will not be accepted at the DPW garage. Netflix, the streaming giant behind director Martin Scorsese’s film “The Irishman,” is planning an exclusive theatrical run for November for the mobster film starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci.

Due to the increased volume of yard waste, residents can empty their city-issued bins at the Department of Public Works garage at 3 Conyngham Ave. Tree branches and trunks up to 6 inches in diameter are accepted at the The Earth Conservancy composting facility, 461 W. However, the run will not include major theater chains as Netflix and cinema owners cannot agree on a viable window between having the film in theaters and its availability for streaming.

To Tom Mc Laughlin, secretary of the Stuart Tank Memorial Association Committee, bringing the tanks “home” to Berwick was a labor of love and an opportunity to honor those who built them and those who manned them in combat.

The event began four years ago, when members of the Stuart Tank Memorial Association wanted to bring a Stuart Tank back to the borough, as an opportunity to celebrate its history and global impact.

“I took out a book called ‘The Nazi Invasion,’” he said. Also, the splash pad at Coal Street Park will close for the season on Tuesday.

Major theaters wouldn’t touch the title in fear that they would be the subject of hacking.The committee put together a “Bring Stuie Back” effort, and with the help of the internet was able to track down and purchase a Berwick-built tank named Lady Lois, with the celebration of its homecoming in 2016.This year, the event added a second tank on loan from the Marines.Eventually equipment was modified to utilize a single clicking sound.Hans Valencia and Ryan Paces, both of New York, travelled to the event with about 20 other men to explain the maintenance of weapons during the war.

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The Stuart Tanks themselves utilized air cooled engines, which prevented them from overheating in high temperatures.

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