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From hauling large RVs to heavily loaded trailers, this type of hitch will improve maneuvering massively.Below is a list of the best 5th wheel hitches that contain both fixed and sliding examples to fit a range of truck beds.The B&W RVK3500 is a great choice and provides 12 inches of movement for extra turning clearance.Other features of the B&W RVK3500 Sliding 5th Wheel Hitch include: Compared against a standard fixed alternative, it is more expensive but tight maneuvers are much easier and you reduce the risk of the trailer forcing its way into the cab, which will be a costly mistake.For those on a budget and want a cheap 5th wheel hitch that can handle a large amount of weight and is easy to install, then the Pro Series 30128 is ideal.It is a budget solution that is developed by the reputable Reese brand.On the top of the hitch, you must also purchase rails, which adds to the total cost but it will be the ultimate hitch for your fifth wheel trailer.

For those that drive a short bed truck and want to install a 5th wheel hitch, you will need to go for a sliding hitch instead of the standard.Curt are a major brand in the trailer and hitch industry with various different products available.The 16245 Q24 5th wheel hitch by Curt is a high performer and is rated for hauling fifth wheel trailers of up to 24,000 LBS.Features of the Reese 5th Wheel Hitch include: Overall, it is a cheap fifth wheel hitch that is a fraction of the cost of some of the premium alternatives in this article The Reese Pro Series 30128 is by far the best bang for your buck and it will not leave you disappointed.The Puliman 2900 Superglide is the most expensive 5th wheel hitch within this article but it does have a lot to offer.

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