18 year old dating a 16 year old who is tanya tucker dating

However, and this is more to the point, the law also gives parents the right to say who their minor children may or may not see. NOTHING in the law is going to force a parent to let their minor child see or have any contact with someone they do not want him or her to have contact with.

So if your parents say that you may not date him, then you may not, even if the law does not object.

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I'm 18 an "adult" by law, but I'm still in High School, I still have "children" as friends, and I still find myself attracted to my 16 year old boyfriend.

I was wondering what kind of charges his mother could press against me and what the punishment would be.He is, unlike many others, more mature for his age due to the life style he had as a child.But even though he and I are comfortable with it his mother is not. His mother judged me for my age and hasn't even met me yet, though I've expressed several times that I want to meet her.We get along well and are able to have real conversations, even though sometimes our views clash. So please, I'm asking anyone who can help me with this to help me.

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my parents are divorced and i live with my mom, step dad and sister. thanks The law does not dictate who may and may not date.

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  1. This is not to say you're pushing him away - although you could be. You're not being ignored and you contact him more than he cares to answer. He doesn't feel compelled to answer and is most likely receiving several messages or calls daily from many different women. He's not (that) interested, ready, or willing to enter a meaningful relationship with you at this time and feels answering you too much will only lead you to believe he is ready. He's not ready to "be" there for you under most circumstances.

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