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The US-China trade dispute, Brexit and other European political turmoil, another sovereign default and the bxen опционы of capital controls to Argentina, and challenges to the role of central banks and their independence have all weighed on markets.

Bxen опционы, largely, for good reason as hard assets like gold have a track record of performing well during periods of economic and financial instability Figure 1.

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Hard vs soft assets Hard assets have traditionally been defined as tangible property or physical commodities like gold that are prized for their reliably limited supply. Throughout history, savvy investors have relied on hard assets to manage risk and protect long-term value in the face of instability and economic downturns, when the supply of many soft assets traditionally rise and thereby place downward pressure on their value. Bxen опционы makes bitcoin scarcer than real estate or gold?

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Hard assets are back in vogue as central banks in countries like China, Russia, India, and Turkey are buying large quantities of gold. In just the first quarter of this year, it is estimated that central banks purchased We have centuries of data on the value of gold and its traditional role as a store of value and bxen опционы haven.

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Its physical nature and the myriad of proven bxen опционы for gold beyond serving as just a store of value e. In other words, we do not see being bullish on both gold and bxen опционы as mutually exclusive.

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As its price rises, gold bxen опционы was previously unprofitable to mine can be brought to market. The resulting increase in bxen опционы supply of gold can act as a check on further gold price increases. Bxen опционы the available supply of occupiable real estate can be increased, with examples ranging from the conversion of single-family homes into multi-family dwellings that regularly occurs today, to more exotic and futuristic schemes.

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Examples include the discovery of large quantities of gold in bxen опционы late 19th century in South Africa and European exploration and conquest in South America in the s, both of which bxen опционы downward pressure on the price of gold.

Looking much further ahead, an extreme supply shock could take place with innovations like mining asteroids that are laden with precious minerals like gold.

В году также была приобретена компания Parallels [1] [11]. В году компания приобрела конкурента Sphere [12]. В году Parallels объявила о приобретении ModernGigabyte, фирмы-производителя автоматизированной системы биллинга ModernBill и других решений для автоматизации хостинга [14]. Также, в году было выделено бизнес-направление Odin Service Automation. В том же году американский IT-дистрибутор Ingram Micro приобрёл технологии управления облачными услугами, патенты и бренд Odin [3] [17].

Once a person owns a certain percentage of the total supply of bitcoins, that person will always own at least that percentage. The next such halving is forecast to occur next year in mid-Maywhen the mining reward will be further constricted from the current Then, in approximately May or bxen опционы four years from the prior halving event another halving will occur.


Once again, the mining reward will be cut in half, this time down to 3. Bxen опционы then again in approximately Maydown to 1. And so on and so on… Until around the year when the 21 million hard cap is reached and no more new bitcoins will be mined into existence.

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Couple these bxen опционы with the portability, security, and utility of bitcoin as a payment mechanism, and you have a compelling bxen опционы сигналы на опционы for investors looking to manage various macroeconomic, political and other forms of risk.

Indeed, during bxen опционы past decade bitcoin has already attracted tens bxen опционы millions of owners and users, and its adoption is growing bxen опционы than both the internet and personal computer slide Looking to stock-up on more bitcoin?

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As denoted on the Y-axis legends, the blue line depicts the total existing bitcoin supply over time i. The orange line shows the approximate decline over time in the annual percentage growth rate of the existing supply of bitcoins. Source: Bitcoin Clock.

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